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Forest & Nature Lab


 Forest & Nature LabThe Forest & Nature Lab (ForNaLab) consists of about 30 staff members and is headed by Prof. dr. ir. Kris Verheyen. The research group is part of the department of Forest and Water Management, and member of the Natural Capital research theme of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium.

Go to the contact page for general information, or contact one of the staff members directly.


Research mission

The Forest & Nature Lab aims at understanding the interactions between the ecological processes, composition, and structure of terrestrial ecosystems, with a clear link to management and policy. The lab investigates forest and grassland ecosystems in temperate regions, focusing on (1) the link between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and (2) the impact of global changes on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Using these insights, the lab also works on developing (3) guidelines for ecological restoration and (4) management strategies for the optimal delivery of multiple ecosystem services.

News and Events

    • 08/04/2016: Press release about the importance of mixed forests for delivering ecosystem services. UGent , de redactie
    • 25/03/2016: Startersdag: a symposium for and by young scientists in forest and nature research. The theme this year is 'where nature and agriculture meet each other', key note speaker is Geert De Blust (INBO). You can find the program of Startersdag here. Participation is free but please register via the same link.

      For more appearances of our lab in the media, go to ForNaLab in the media.

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