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SynBioC research group

The Synthesis, Bioresources and Bioorganic Chemistry Research Group focuses on divers aspects of organic and bioorganic chemistry.

Logo SynBioCKey research topics are related to:

  • organic synthesis
  • heterocyclic chemistry
  • bioactive substances
  • renewable resources
  • microreactor technologySynBioC Group Picture 2014-2015

The group is headed by Prof Christian Stevens in collaboration with Prof Matthias D'hooghe and Prof Sven Mangelinckx and consists of about 55 members including scientific (post-doc researchers, PhD students and Master students), technical and administrative employees.

The SynBioC activities are funded through different regional, national and international programs, and intensive collaboration with both academic and industrial partners is employed to strengthen the position of the SynBioC Research Group within the above-mentioned fields of research.


The SynBioC research group is participating member of the following consortia:Organic Synthesis

  • Methusalem (Multi-Scale Modeling and Design of Chemical Reactions and Reactors)
  • CoRR (Centre of Renewable Resources)
  • MRP (Bio-economy Multi-disciplinary Research Platform)
  • G2C2 (a Global Network of Green Chemistry Centres)





Prof Chris Stevens en Caloritum (spin-off) win prestigious prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry for the development of a chemical heat pump.

SynBioC Fund Alan Katritzky

Supporting the UGent Katritzky Award for Organic Synthesis

Prof Alan Katritzky

If you wish to contribute, you are supporting Ghent University to offer extra opportunities to young and passionate researchers. Donations can be made into account number BE26 3900 9658 0329 (BIC: BBRUBB) mentioning "FWUGent BW 240" as a reference.