Specialist course on Lipids in Ruminants

21-09-2016 14:00 tot 23-09-2016 13:00
Biznis Hotel, Zelebaan 100, 9160 Lokeren (Belgium)
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Veerle Fievez
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The main objective of this specialist course is to give participants a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of lipid metabolism in ruminants.

The course will cover dietary lipids and their metabolism in the rumen and gut, absorption, transport and transfer of lipids towards the mammary gland.

An insight into methodological aspects and challenges of fatty acid analysis of various types of samples also is included in the program.

The course consists of lectures, workshops on student research project presentations and workshops on methodological aspects (based on questions collected from the participants prior to the start of the course).

Satellite course to the Euro Fed Lipid Congress

Hosted by the Benelux Lipid Network the 14th Euro Fed Lipid congress is organized in Ghent from 18 till 21 September 2016.

Leading up to the theme of our course, the last day of the Euro Fed Lipid congress will focus on “Healthy fatty acids: degradation or synthesis in the rumen?

A special discount is offered to those that want to attend both this part of the congress and the specialist course.

Targeted audience

The course is aimed at PhD candidates with study area in animal science, nutrition and veterinary medicine and at researchers in this particular field.

Further, early-stage post-doctoral researchers affiliated either to universities, research institutes or R&D departments of industries are welcome to join.


Biznis Hotel - Zelebaan 100 – 9160 Lokeren (Belgium)

We have chosen a more secluded location hoping in this way to provide an ideal scene for critical thinking and reflection. For people attending Eurofed Lipid, transport will be arranged from Ghent to Lokeren.


We accept full course registrations only.

You can pre-register by sending an e-mail to . Include your full name, the institute or company you are linked to and your main occupation.

Early in June you will be invited to complete your final registration and to pay the participation fee.

Participation fee

For PhD students:           250 € registration + 350 € for meals and accommodation 

For others:                     450 € registration + 350 € for meals and accommodation


Possible discounts (to be indicated upon final registration)

For PhD students: free participation in the Euro Fed Lipid Wednesday morning session

For others: participation in the Euro Fed Lipid Wednesday morning session at a reduced price (110 €)

For all: 95 € discount on accommodation cost for participants sharing a room


Please if you want this course to be recognized by your doctoral schools organization.

Euro Fed Lipid Wednesday morning program 

“Healthy fatty acids: degradation or synthesis in the rumen?


V. Fievez

State of the Art in Rumen Lipid Protection Technologies and Emerging Methods based on Enzymatic Interfacial Cross-linking of Emulsions

R. Gervais

Milk Branched-Chain Fatty Acids-Emerging Perspectives

F. Gadeyne

Transfer to the Milk of Rumen Bypass CLA Emulsions Created by Potato Tuber Peel Polyphenol Oxidase

Course program


Wednesday 21 September 2016

14.00h – 14.15h

Welcome - Introduction

14.15h – 15.15h

Veerle Fievez

Intestinal digestion, absorption, transport and intermediary metabolism of lipids

15.15h – 15.45h


15.45h – 17.00h

PhD candidate project presentations


Thursday 22 September 2016

08.30h – 09.00h

PhD candidate project presentation

09.00h – 10.00h

Sharon Huws

Recent advances in identification of bacteria involved in rumen biohydrogenation

10.00h – 10.20h

PhD candidate project presentation

10.20h – 10.45h


10.45h – 12.00h

Kevin Shingfield

Metabolism of unsaturated fatty acids in the rumen

12.00h – 12.20h

PhD candidate project presentation

12.20h – 13.25h

Lunch break

13.25h – 13.45h

PhD candidate project presentation

13.45h – 14.45h

Noelia Aldai Elkoro-Iribe

A review of methods used to address the metabolism of DHA:

limitations, successes and possible considerations

14.45h – 16.00h

Break and walk

16.00h – 18.00h

Q&A workshop (questions raised upfront)


Friday 23 September 2016

08.30h – 09.00h

PhD candidate project presentation

09.00h – 10.15h

Rachel Gervais

Milk fat synthesis and interaction with rumen biohydrogenation intermediates

10.15h – 10.35h

PhD candidate project presentation

10.35h – 11.00h


11.00h – 12.00h

Closing session

12.00h – 13.00h

Lunch break


Prof. V. Fievez (Ghent University, Belgium)
Prof. S. Huws (Aberystwyth University, UK)
Prof. K. Shingfield (Aberystwyth University, UK)
Prof. N. Aldai Elkoro-Iribe (Universidad del País Vasco, Spain)
Prof. R. Gervais (Université Laval, Canada)

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