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13-09-2017 17:00 Toolbox development to study host-pathogen interactions in blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) Eggermont, Mieke
12-09-2017 17:00 Disruptive Forms of Engagement? Studying Interactions in Parent-Teacher Conferences. Förster, Rosalie
11-09-2017 17:00 Preclinical evaluation of bioartificial conduits developed by tissue engineering for peripheral nerve regeneration. Carriel Araya, Víctor Sebastián
11-09-2017 16:00 Who’s in(to birth) control? A sociological perspective on contraceptive use Dereuddre, Rozemarijn
05-09-2017 17:00 Performing fair trade at the point of purchase: A study of the socio-material enactment of fair trade consumption and markets Geysmans, Robbe
05-09-2017 10:00 Towards a better understanding of the role of temperament in eating disorders Matton, Annelies
04-09-2017 15:00 Virus Detection in methylation-enriched DNA sequencing data. Mensaert, Klaas
29-08-2017 10:00 Die Performanz des Dokuments. Dokumentarische Methoden in deutschsprachigen Literatur- und Theaterformen seit dem Ersten Weltkrieg Festjens, Thijs
28-08-2017 16:00 Towards a better understanding of employees in their work context: a service perspective Van Der Vurst, Griet
25-08-2017 16:00 Cold sensitivity and response of male meiotic cytokinesis in Arabidopsis: molecular regulators and signaling pathways. Liu, Bing
24-08-2017 17:00 Internationalisation and Firm Performance Theodorakopoulos, Angelos
21-08-2017 16:00 Towards a better understanding of teacher educators' professional development: Theoretical and empirical insight into their researcherly disposition Tack, Hanne
18-08-2017 15:00 Radiation biomarkers: novel insights from transcriptional studies. Macaeva, Ellina
17-08-2017 09:00 Design Process of Conceptual Modeling Language's concrete syntax based on ontological theories and visualization of information theories da Silva Teixeira, Maria das Graças
10-07-2017 16:00 Study of glycated proteins as a potential marker for diabetes diagnosis Sadiki Kishabongo, Antoine
07-07-2017 16:00 Cardiac dendritic cell subsets activate autoreactive T cells in the healthy and diseased heart Van Der Borght, Katrien
07-07-2017 15:00 Statistical analysis of stream invertebrate traits in relation to river conditions Forio, Marie Anne Eurie
06-07-2017 17:30 Glucocorticoid receptor modulation of the colon cancer microenvironment Drebert, Zuzanna
06-07-2017 16:00 Incorporating market effects in decision-support models for environmental policy. Willeghems, Gwen
06-07-2017 16:00 Uncovering the priming potential of the green leaf Volatile Z-3-hexenyl acetate: towards a new disease control tool. Ameye, Maarten
05-07-2017 18:00 Gelsolin Amyloidosis: a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Nanobody Approach Verhelle, Adriaan
05-07-2017 16:00 The skin as a central player in house dust mite allergy Deckers, Julie
05-07-2017 10:00 Translating documentaries: Does the integration of a bilingual glossary of domain-specific terminology into the translation process reduce the translators’ workload? Hanoulle, Sabien
04-07-2017 17:30 Essays on the financing of new firms: New evidence on stability and country effects Hanssens, Jürgen
04-07-2017 17:00 Synthesis of new β-lactam building blocks and their application in heterocyclic chemistry Piens, Nicola