HEFAT best papers 2016 - research team ATHT


The research team Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer has been awarded six best papers awards on the HEAT Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics conference (HEFAT 2016) in Malaga (Spain) in July 2016.

The following papers were awarded:

Comparison between metal foam and finned tube heat exchangers for HVAC applications

Two-phase Heat Transfer Measurements of R254fa At High Saturation Temperatures in Horizontal Mini-channels

Evaluation of Heat Transfer Correlations for Helical Coils Based on Measurements of a Solar ORC Operating At Subcritical Conditions

On the Numerical Simulation of Fins in Natural Convection

On the Scatter of Experiments Done with Open-cell Metal Foam in Open Literature

Organic Rankine Cycle Part-Load Characterization : Validated Models of an 11 kWe Waste Heat Recovery ORC