23-24 May 2016 - Symposium 'Waste Heat Valorization in Industrial Processes'


On 23-24 May the UGent research group Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI) organizes its fourth international symposium about waste heat valorization in industrial processes in Kortrijk. These conferences are especially directed to industrials to learn about technology (almost) ready for use in industrial processes.

This time it will focus on 3 topics:

  • Heat pump assisted drying
  • Recent developments in high temperature industrial heat pumps
  • Intermediate thermal storage in discontinue industrial processes and to respond to variable energy prices


By attending this conference, you will be well prepared to optimize your thermal processes on energy efficiency and costs as well as to anticipate on the coming energy transition.


Practically oriented lectures by well qualified researchers and manufacturers will be held on 24 May. On 23 May you can attend a workshop with live demonstration of a lab scale drying process with several optimization possibilities. Visitors will also be given the option to attend a pre-conference dinner on 23 May.


Registration is open until 18 May through www.wasteheat.eu