Fluid mechanics


In this group, the following research topics are addressed:

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Permanent staff


  • Jeroen De Ridder (Fluid-structure interaction in fuel rod bundles, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre)

PhD students

  • Lucas Delcour (Fluid-structure interaction simulation of the dynamic behavior of a flexible cylinder in supersonic flow)
  • Toon Demeester (Calculating free-surface flow using fluid-structure interaction techniques)
  • Laurent De Moerloose (Reducing flow-induced vibration in steam generators and heat exchangers using two-phase fluid-structure interaction simulations)
  • Donald Houngbo (Development of a liquid-PbBi target for ISOL@MYRRHA, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre)
  • Akil Osman (Splicing of yarns with air jets)
  • Alireza Rasekh (Thermal study of axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machines)
  • Gilberto Santo (Fluid-structure interaction simulations of wind turbines with composite blades)
  • Antonio Toti (Computational approach simulation 3D phenomena occurring in the MYRRHA reactor, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre)
  • Bob Vanderhoydonck (Generation and storage of renewable energy)
  • Jolan Wauters (Computational shape optimisation of aerodynamic structures)