Best Research Paper Award for "OSLO: open standards for linked organizations"

(24-11-2016) Researchers from IDLab and MICT, together with Informatie Vlaanderen, have received a Best Research Paper Award at the 3rd International Conference on 'Electronic Governance and Open Society' (EGOSE) 2016 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The paper describes how the OSLO Program (2012 - 2015), initiated by V-ICT-OR, tackled semantic interoperability for public administrations and dealt with the complex and particular political context of Belgium.

OSLO resulted in a specification explaining how to semantically align information between the different information systems of each government level. The focus is on information about people, organizations, businesses, public services, addresses and contacts.
Applications at various government levels need to be interoperable in support of the ‘once only'-principle: data is registered a single time and then reused, avoiding repetition of processes.

The paper illustrates how OSLO paved the way bottom-up from a broad basis of stakeholders towards a strategy endorsed by the Flemish government.

The lessons learned in the region of Flanders can speed-up the process in other regions and countries that face the complexity of integrating information intensive processes between different applications, administrations and government levels.

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