Research Infrastructure

Hardware and software platforms

At IDLab, we bundle the research results in hardware and software platforms that are available to industry.

Unique software platforms have been built to manage wireless networks, to enrich IoT gateways, to deploy big data & cloud software, to integrate machine-learning models,  to distribute intelligence across wearables, internet-of-things, etc.

Different of these software frameworks are available as open source projects.

HomeLab - Residential Environment

Our standalone IoT house is open for industry to validate connected products

An actual standalone house, called IoT Homelab, is being built (ready Q2 2017) and will equiped to become a unique residential test environment and innovation incubator. A wide range of IoT technologies will be deployed, and flexibility is offered (by means of flexible walls, technical corridors, hollow floors and ceilings) to add new technology in a realistic context.

OfficeLab - Office Environments

600 m2 of office space filled with sensors and robots to evaluate novel ways of working

In the Ghent office location (Zwijnaarde), three floors of the building will be transformed into a real-life office lab environments. Wireless and wired sensor technology will be deployed, and usage of office and meeting room will be captured to demonstrate tomorrow’s smart office applications optimizing work spaces, visitor’s experiences, workers’ comfort, etc.

City Of Things - City Environment

Scalable data processing for the CityOfThings.

The Antwerp City-of-Things lab as real-life environment to validate smart citizen services

The city of Antwerp is currently being deployed with more than 100 gateways offering wireless connectivity (LoRa, SigFox, Dash-7, ZigBee, Wifi, …) and state-of-the-art data processing software stack in the cloud. This real-life environment enables the city, researchers and companies to evaluate the impact and actual costs of large-scale connected solutions for e.g. air quality monitoring, smart parking management, etc.

Wireless Lab - Wireless Environment

Validate your wireless products at scale in extreme situations (interference, low energy, etc)

The Wireless Lab provides a controlled wireless test environment with 60 fixed nodes and 15 mobile nodes. Users are able to set up experiments e.g. to evaluate wireless performance under extreme interference, energy efficiency of mesh protocols, or to execute IoT scenerios with mobile sensors making available sensor data across the internet.

CloudNet Lab - Server Environment

Infrastructure used for experiments and demonstrations

Unique networked server infrastructure to emulate any cloud-based solution in no time

The cloud testbed contains 300 physical servers which are fully configurable both in terms of their software installation (e.g. choice of operating systems, drivers, applications, etc.) as well as how their (Ethernet) network interfaces are physically interconnected. This lab environment is a key asset to emulate distributed large-scale IoT deployments, with limited effort.

Krook Lab - Prototyping Environment

Prototyping immersive and IoT technologies in Ghent central city

The Krook.lab rapidly prototypes research technology into applications. By fostering the joint implementation of ideas of researchers and engineers within the same room prototypes are directly connected to both research and business cases. Access to a sensor network inside the Krook further allows testing of various new hard- and software. An immersive technologie demo room contains all hardware for VR-applications and prototypes can be developed in close feedback loop with a test panel. The lab provides a complete environment to bring your promising technology to the next level.