Ghent University (UGent) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) jointly offer an English-taught, two-year (120 ECTS) master of science program in the field of photonics:

European Master of Science in Photonics (EMSP)

The program provides an in-depth education in photonics, with a focus on both the fundamental science and the engineering of light-based phenomena and systems.

Our photonics graduates move into PhD positions in top level research groups all around the world or into industry.

The program:

  • teaches students all the core photonics courses
  • offers advanced and specialized photonics courses
  • has a strengthened focus on:
    • Photonics skills (measurement, engineering, research skills)
    • Employability (business economics, internship, entrepreneurship, photonics in industry)
  • offers the opportunity to broaden knowledge and skills in a secondary engineering discipline, such as ICT, biosciences, physics and chemistry of materials, industrial management etc.
  • includes a master thesis project in a research lab
  • has an optional internal mobility component in year 1 and a mandatory external European mobility component in year two, to be realised by choosing one of the four mobility tracks








Students receive a joint UGent-VUB Master of Science degree in Photonics ('Burgerlijk Ingenieur').

EMSP Scheme


Applications for academic year 2016-2017 for EU-students are now open! 

Apply here!

EU deadline 2016


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