Ir. Kenny Martens selected for FEA Innovation Track coaching and funding


BeamThe FEA Innovation Track (i-Track) supports the entrepreneurial mindset of the faculty’s research community. After an initial selection phase, five promising innovation ideas are further developed and commercialized. They get the support of two business coaches, intensive training on idea and technology valorisation, and additional funding for prototype development and tool support.
MGE – innovation in structural glass (business developers: Prof. Stijn Matthys & Prof. Karen Hemelsoet)
Being selected within the top-five, the innovation of ir. Kenny Martens (supervisors: Prof. Jan Belis & Prof. Robby Caspeele) comprises a structural glass beam system existing of a connected network of modular glass beams. The system ensures structural safety, while maximising transparency and is suitable to realize large-scale façade, floor and roof systems, as well as glass frameworks. During the i-Track campaign, the focus is on establishing a proof-of-concept and developing an online software tool that generates the design of a glass façade, floor or roof system. The results of this campaign will be presented to a broad public at Techboost 2017, and its ultimate goal is to establish a start-up company, to be launched in 2018.