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ERCAT is the artificial turf testing centre at the Department of Textiles of Ghent University. ERCAT stands for European Research Centre for Artificial Turf.


Since January 2008, ERCAT is acknowledged by FIFA to do FIFA football field tests all over the world. 

There are 2 categories of fields: 1 star fields and 2 star fields.

ERCAT is acknowledged by FIFA for both categories.


Since January 2010, ERCAT is also a FIH accredited laboratory for hockey field and labtests.,11040,1181-203486-220709-168942-0-file,00.pdf

Field tests

ERCAT can offer you a full field test according to the FIFA, FIH, IRB or European methods.

ERCAT can offer you a full field test according to the FIFA or European methods.

In these tests, the interaction between ball and surface, and between player and surface is examined.


These tests guarantee both the quality of your artificial turf and the playing characteristics of the field.
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Lab tests

In the ERCAT laboratory, we control and investigate new artificial turf structures and yarns. Consequently, ERCAT is controlling the ball-surface and the player-surface interaction, but also the wear of the artificial turf.


ERCAT is accredited by FIH to do lab classifications for hockey pitches.

Overview of some tests








resilienceERCAT is more than a testing laboratory. For many years, the department is performing intense research into the optimization of artificial turf fibres and structures. The most recent knowledge of polymer and fibre technology is appealed to, supported by an extensive set of testing and measuring devices for both laboratory and field tests.       

   ERCAT is working on new test methods: sliding tester, filament resilience, 12m-lisport, ageing, …


Current research areas


Procedure for FIFA tests


On the FIFA website, you can read the complete procedure for FIFA field and lab tests.

This is the procedure for FIFA field tests in short:

    1.  Producer of the football turf asks FIFA for a FIFA field test number

    2.  ERCAT comes to field to do the field test

    3.  During the field test, the maintenance equipment must be available for inspection

    4.  A ball roll ramp must be present

    5.  1m² of the installed carpet and 5kg sand and rubber must be put at ERCAT’s disposal

    6.  After the field test, the carpet and the infill materials are tested in the ERCAT lab

    7.  The results are sent to FIFA

    8.  If the product meets the FIFA requirements, FIFA will grant a field test certificate