Glenn Rayp

glenn_rayp.jpg Name Prof. dr. Glenn Rayp
Function Professor in the rank of Lecturer
Telephone 09 264 34 95
Fax 09 264 35 99
Office 110.016
Contact Hours
Adress Tweekerkenstraat 2 9000 Gent
  • Research topic(s)

    The research is focused on

    • Effects of foreign direct investments
    • globalisation, wages and employment
    • inequity of wages, redistribution and growth
    • regional integration, growth, inequity
Services Ghent University
  • Member of the External Commitment commission
  • Member of the library commission
  • Member of the commission for scientific research
Adviser PhD's
  • Determinants and consequences of international migration
    01-Apr-2013 - Ilse Ruyssen
  • Measuring, explaining and assessing government efficiency
    01-Jun-2012 - Marijn Verschelde
  • Are social welfare states facing a race to the bottom? A theoretical perspective.
    01-Oct-2008 - Bert Vanbergen
  • Economic Growth, Income Inequality and Welfare States
    01-Jan-2005 - Niko Gobbin
  • De Politieke en Institutionele Determinanten van Regionale integratie in Sub-Sahara Africa
    TBA - Samuel Standaert
  • Explorations in quantitative economic history
    TBA - Stijn Ronsse