• Exams take place at the end of the semester, except for those courses with a permanent evaluation.

Exam period winter semester = Mo. 4th of January until Sa. 30th of January 2016

Exam period spring semester = Mo. 23th of May until Thu. 30th of June 2016

  • Exam schedules can be consulted in your Oasis account (publication during the 1st sem.)
  • Exams are in English and can be either written or oral. Sometime you will be asked to write a paper instead of writing an exam. Dutch taught courses will have an exam in Dutch.
  • When you have to hand in a paper, respect the deadline and make sure you know to whom you should hand in your paper. The international office does not collect exams or papers.
  • You don't have register for an exam, you' are automatically subscribed based on your curriculum.
  • Please note that any plagiarism in papers or cheating during the exams is not tolerated and will lead to your exclusion from all the other exams.
  • Education and examination code
  • If you failed or skipped an exam, you have the right to take a second chance exam.