Lecture 'Geopolitics of Crisis in the European Union and beyond'

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Students, Employees, Alumni
02-05-2017 from 13:00 to 14:00
Facultaire Raadzaal Rechten, Emile Braunschool, Volderstraat 3, 9000 Gent
Ghent Centre for Global Studies
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Approaching the many narratives of crisis circulating in present day Europe through the lens of political geography and critical geopolitics, the lecture will discuss the commonalities and differences between these crises: financial, economic, social, cultural, civilizational, demographic, migratory, and foremost the political one, aggravated by the contested attempts to develop policies to tackle these diverse crises. More specifically the talk focuses on geographical aspects of the political crises – considering governance and politics at the EU, the national and the local level, as well as the multiscalar policy networks and political mobilizations connected them. At stake is the ongoing re-imagination and renegotiation of the nexus between state, nation, territory and language in Europe, its so-called neighourhood and the rest of the world, first under the conditions of an uneven globalization, and now in a period that we might tentatively call a post-globalization era.

Dr. Virginie Mamadouh is Associate Professor of Political and Cultural Geography at the University of Amsterdam, member of the Geographies of Globalisation Programme Group of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research. She is co-editor of the Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Geography (2015) and an editor of the international academic journal Geopolitics. Her research interests include European geopolitics, urban geography, new media and multilingualism.