Film screening 'Calais: welcome to the jungle & The invisible city: Kakuma''

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Students, Employees, Alumni, Press
28-03-2017 from 19:30 to 23:00
Film-Plateau, Paddenhoek 3, 9000 Gent
Department Conflict & Development Studies
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The Department of Conflict and Development Studies cordially invites you to 2 documentary screenings on refugee experiences.

28/3 - CALAIS: Welcome to the jungle (2016) by Maaike Engels and Teun Voeten
This multilayered and experimental documentary addresses the complexities of the current migration crisis in Europe. Until very recently, the “jungle” was a filthy slum on the outskirts of the French port city of Calais. Approximately 5000 refugees and migrants were stranded here in a desperate attempt to cross the channel and illegally enter England by train, truck, boat or even swimming. Engels and Voeten portray the makeshift refugee camp of Calais as a microcosm that reflects the enormous global challenges of migration.

31/3 "The Invisible City (Kakuma)" by Lieven Corthouts
After each screening, there will be time for questions, comments, critique, and debate with the makers of the documentary. No need to register in advance, free entrance! Kakuma refugee camp, built in the middle of the Turkana desert (Kenya), is the fastest growing city in the region. Many of its new arrivals are children sent out of conflict zones by their parents. Against all odds, these children grab all opportunities in the camp to rebuild their life. Filmmaker Lieven Corthouts decided to stay in one of the toughest places on earth and make this camp his home. While filming his friends for more than 4 years, he unveils the accomplishments of these strong, smart children and the true dynamics of a refugee camp. Can Kakuma really offer a future? Or is it just a waiting room, where the only option is to plan your journey to Europe?