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For degree students

A degree-seeking student wishes to obtain a diploma or degree at Ghent University.

Practical information

For exchange students

An exchange student temporarily lives in a foreign country and attends courses. The exchange period at UGent lasts a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 12 months. The exchange student does not get a diploma from UGent.

Practical information

For all students

  • Study support: extensive and personal support, during your entire study career, including the transition into a professional life.

Complete course catalogue Ghent University

  • All bachelor programmes and most masters are instructed in Dutch. The language of instruction of each programme is mentioned in the course catalogue.
  • The English version of the course catalogue is a translation of the course catalogue in Dutch and does not imply that the programme will be instructed in English.
  • A few master programmes are partly taught in English and partly in Dutch. As the official language of these programmes is Dutch, the Dutch language requirements apply
Course catalogue 2015-2016



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