Diploma requirements

Which diploma do you need to study at UGent?

Admission is granted on the basis of a diploma, irrelevant of nationality.


  • A student applies for a bachelor at UGent and has completed his entire secondary education in Ethiopia. The basic diploma is the diploma awarded after graduating from secondary school. This diploma must grant the student access to university studies in the country where the diploma was awarded.
  • A student with Belgian nationality has been awarded a bachelor diploma from a University in Germany and wants to enrol in a master programme at UGent. The basic diploma for a master programme is a bachelor, so the student will need to apply for admission based on the diploma obtained abroad.
  • A student with the Chinese nationality wants to do a subsequent (advanced) master programme at UGent and has graduated from a Flemish University as a master. This student does not need to start up the admission procedure, since it is on the basis of a diploma awarded in the Flemish Community.

Which level of study?

Please check the diploma requirement applicable to you, by selecting here below the type of programme you want to apply for:

  1. Master programme (initial and advanced)

More information about the structure of Higher education in Flanders can be found here (Higher Education Register) or on the website Study in Flanders

Your basic diploma must be submitted when applying

  • Only send in documents, when requested by the International Admissions Desk. Make sure that your prospect number is mentioned on the documents.
  • A legalised copy of the diploma and its transcripts must be submitted.
  • The diploma and its transcripts must be translated by a sworn translator into either Dutch, French, German or English, if they were drafted up in any other language.