Payment Tuition Fee

How to pay the tuition fee?

  • by bank or credit card upon enrolment
  • by bank transfer (handed to the student once the enrolment is completed)
  • the tuition fee is paid by the department (internal invoice): the departments makes an internal order in SAP. You bring the internal order when enrolling or you e-mail the internal order from your UGent-e-mail address to  (information for the department: article number 3000033, department code CA10)
  • attention: it is not possible to issue an invoice addressed to an external third party. You are required to pay the tuition fee and arrange any reimbursement options with the external third party.

Adjustment or reimbursement

  • The vast majority of international students follow their programme on a full-time basis. Therefore you pay the correct fee at the time of enrolment.
  • Should there be a change in the uptake of credits, the Registrar's Office will notify you of the adjustments. You will either need to make a further payment or will be reimbursed.
  • Read up on the rules concerning reimbursement in case of changing contract terms or stopping your studies.


Invoices are sent to the student by e-mail. 

There are two steps in the billing method of the credits. Upon enrolment, you receive an initial invoice. After approval of your curriculum you will receive your final invoice.

The initial invoice is determined on the basis of an estimation of the number of credits that will be taken up and the type of enrolment. 

After the curriculum has been approved, you will receive an adjusted invoice depending on the actual credit points taken up.

You can also calculate the tuition fee and pay the correct amount immediately.

When you enrol for a credit contract, your initial invoice will be the fixed amount. After the curriculum has been approved, you will receive a final invoice depending on the actual credit points taken up.

You are obliged to pay the invoice as soon as you are enrolled, even if you terminate your contract later. The fixed amount is due in any case and is non-refundable.

Multiple enrolments

When you have multiple enrolments, your initial invoice will be for maximum 60 credits.

Should you have several enrolments in the same academic year for diploma and/or credit contracts, for bachelor programmes, master (not advanced) programmes, linking or preparatory programmes or specific teacher training, the fixed amount will not be higher than €230.

Exam contracts are charged separately.

Erasmus Mundus

Payment of the tuition fee is settled with the consortium. Upon enrolment you do not receive an invoice.

Sanction in case you do not pay (either part or in full) 

If you do not pay, either in part or in full, you will not be able to re-enrol. Any obtained credit certificates, diplomas or certificates will not be awarded, until the full amount owed has been paid.

Proof of Payment

You can request a proof of payment by e-mail to The proof of payment will provide the following information:
  • the amount which was due
  • the amount which has been paid
  • the difference between what is due and what has been paid
Please mention the following information in your e-mail:
  • subject: proof of payment
  • first name, last name
  • student number
  • academic year