Tuition Fee English taught: Master Programme (not Advanced) and Preparatory Programme 2017-2018

Standard Tuition Fee for EEA-students and some other categories

Applicable to:

  1. Student Citizen from a EEA-Country
  2. Interuniversity Master (not advanced)
  3. BTC scholarship
  4. VLIR-UOS scholarship
  5. Student from OECD/DAC recognised developing country (lowest 2 categories)

Diploma contract and credit contract

The tuition fee consists of a fixed and non-refundable amount and an amount per credit point taken up in the curriculum (except for students with a scholarship from the Flemish Government known as "Studietoelage")

€ 234.10 + € 11.20 per credit point
for 60 credits (fulltime): € 906.10

Scholarship ("Studietoelage") student

€ 106.90

Exam contract

€ 106.90 + € 4.10 per credit point
+ € 200 for a UGent-account and access to Minerva

Higher tuition fee for non-EEA students

Starting from academic year 2017-2018 non-EEA students pay a higher tuition fee (info: Countries of EEA).

Transitional measure: if you were enrolled before 2017-2018 at the UGent for a programme with higher tuition fee, then you pay the normal tuition fee for maximum the duration of the programme plus one year.

Please check if you rank under normal tuition fee (see above) or under an exceptional category mentioned in Art. II.215 Codex Higher Education:

  • Foreigners with indefinite residence residence permit:
    • Electronic identity card B
    • Electronic identity card C
    • Electronic identity card D
    • Electronic identity card F/F+
  • Recognized refugees residence permit:
    • Electronic identity card B
    • Electronic identity card A (mentioning ‘refugee’ or additional attestation ‘recognized refugee’ delivered by the 'Commissariaat Generaal voor Vluchtelingen en Staatslozen')
  • Subsidiary protegees residence permit:
    • Electronic identity card A + attestation ‘subsidiary protegee’ delivered by the 'Commissariaat Generaal voor Vluchtelingen en Staatslozen'
  • Victim trafficking in persons residence permit:
    • Electronic identity card A + Attestation ‘Slachtoffer Mensenhandel’ / 'Victim trafficking in persons' from a center recognized by the government (vzw Payoke, vzw Pag-Asa or vzw Sürya)
  • Foreigners with min. 12 months legal residence (with exception of asylum seeker, visum students and work migrants) residence permit:
    • Electronic identity card A (not for 'employee' or 'student')
  • Foreigners with min. 12 months legal residence with a partner working or studying in Belgium residence permit:
    • Electronic identity card A (not for 'employee' or 'student')

The tuition fee consists of the standard tuition fee and an additional fee, set by the faculty. Please see the overview here-below.

Overview per faculty (fee for 60 credits)

You can see to which faculty your programme belongs in the Course Catalogue.

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

€ 1764,10

Faculty of Law

€ 5424,10

Faculty of Sciences

€ 1764,10

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

€ 5424,10

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

€ 5424,10

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

€ 5424,10
waivers are possible (more info:

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

€ 5424,10

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

€ 1764,10

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

€ 5424,10

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

€ 2982,10

Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

€ 1764,10

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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

There are other tuition fees for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees.