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First Enrolment 2013-2014 (new student at UGent)

To ensure that you can fulfil all required administrative procedures (such as residence permit, accommodation etc.), we recommend that you enrol before the start of classes.


First enrolment (new students)


Ufo-building (entrance hall)
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33
9000 Ghent

Enrolment period for international students:

  • Monday 1 July - Friday 12 July 2013 (closed on Thursday 11 July)
  • Monday 5 August - Friday 20 September 2013 (closed on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August)
    • Applicable to the following types of study programmes: bachelor, master, specific teacher training, preparatory course, linking course
    • new Ph.D. students can enrol during the entire academic year

Opening hours during the enrolment period

  • from 10AM-4PM during the enrolment period
  • you need to take into account that the formalities for an initial enrolment can take approx. 30-45 minutes.

Which documents to bring?

The following documents should be brought :
  • original letter of admission
  • letter of deferred admission (when applicable)
  • valid identity card or the international passport
  • bank card or credit card to pay the tuition fee (when applicable)
  • your address in Belgium
  • any other document mentioned on the letter of admission. This can be :
    • language attestation
    • a legalised copy of the basic diploma
    • for Chinese students : APS certificate, Chinese PhD students: tuition voucher
    • if you want to enrol for a Ph.D. the form "Application first enrolment doctorate and doctoral training program" must be completed and signed by yourself, your dissertation supervisor and the Dean of your Faculty.

Payment of tuition fees

Should you have a credit card or a bank card, you can pay the tuition fee at the office.

If you cannot pay by card, a bank transfer form with a structured reference will be given to you after completing the administrative enrolment formalities.

The structural reference is unique to your enrolment and will automatically link your payment to your enrolment. You cannot pay in advance!