Administration exchange students

Administration in advance

Administration upon arrival

We refer to the Welcome Guide for International Students for a detailed description of the below and other sections.

If you want somebody to wait for you in Sint-Pieters Station (train or bus) upon arrival, please contact the students of ESN (Erasmus Student Network) on the ESN-website.


  • Rooms on the private market: search for a private room ('kot'). Ask the Housing Department to help you with your search and to give you a list with addresses of private rooms.
  • Rooms in university residences: read more about the online procedure, if you want to apply for a room.
  • Youth hostel, B&B, Hotels

Visit the Exchange Student Adviser

  • The Exchange Student Adviser will be pleased to welcome you at the UGent and give you more information about all the steps you have to take.

Announce yourself at your faculty

  • Upon arrival, you should meet your professor and your faculty responsible to arrange academic matter, talk about courses & professors, adjust your Learning Agreement, etc.
  • Most faculties have developed their own pages to guide their incoming students.

Registration at Ghent University: UGent Student Card

  • Obligatory for all Exchange Students
  • Go to the Student Administration Office to receive your UGent student card
  • Address: UFO, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, B-9000 Gent
  • Read how to register.

Registration at the City of Ghent

Dutch language course in the UCT

  • Go to the Exchange Student Adviser to collect your voucher for a course of Dutch in the University Language Centre ('UCT'). You will pay only 50€ for books & registration, not for the course itself.
  • You can follow other language courses in the UCT at half price (with a valid UGent student card).
    The UCT is located in the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 136, B-9000 Gent (open Monday - Thursday 10h00-18h30, Friday 10h00-14h00).
  • Read more about Dutch and other language courses at UCT