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Transport to and inside Ghent

How to get to Ghent?

By plane

Belgium’s international airport is situated in Brussels (

From Brussels Airport you can travel to Ghent by train ( In the airport, follow the signs to the train station, which is below ground level. Buy a ticket (also possible online) for Ghent-St-Pieters station. The price for a single fare (Brussels Airport – Ghent-St-Pieters) is €11,25.  You can either board the direct train to Ghent, or you can take the shuttle train to Brussels Central Station, which runs every 15 minutes. There, you can change to a train to Ghent. From Ghent-St-Pieters station, you can take several busses and trams to the centre of Ghent.

Another airport is situated in Charleroi (

From Charleroi Airport, you can take the bus to Brussels Zuid/Midi Station for only € 13 (1 bus per hour). From Zuid/Midi Station it is possible to travel by train ( to Ghent. The price for a single fare (Brussels Zuid/Midi station – Ghent-St-Pieters) is € 8,10. You can board a direct train to Ghent every 20 minutes. From Ghent-St-Pieters station, you can take several busses and trams to the centre of Ghent.

Other close airports: Antwerp Airport (, Ostend Airport (, Liege Airport (, Lille Airport in France (, …

Some airline companies: Brussels Airlines (,  Wizz Air (, Ryanair (, Vueling (

Most mayor airlines can be found on this link:

By bus

If you’re planning to travel by bus or coach, you can contact Eurolines (  The bus stop  is near the Ghent-St-Pieters train station at the Koningin Elisabethlaan 73.

By car

If you decide to come by car, you will find Ghent at the crossroads of 2 big motorways:

  • E17 connecting Lisbon, Paris, Ghent, Antwerp, Köln, Copenhagen, Stockholm
  • E40, connecting London, Calais, Ghent, Brussels, Frankfurt, Vienna, Budapest, Sophia, Istanbul.

The Ghent city centre is a pedestrian zone, so no cars are allowed. Some student residences have free parking spaces in the immediate surroundings.

By train

  • If you are planning to travel by train frequently and if you are younger than 26, you can buy a GO Pass. The Go Pass costs €50 and is valid for 1 year. It entitles you to ten 2nd class single journeys between two Belgian stations of your choice. Hence, one single journey only costs you €5. It is possible to use the Go Pass with several people at the same time. Also, the pass is particularly advantageous for longer journeys (except for frontier points).
  • If you’re 26 or older, you can use the RAIL Pass. This card gives the same benefits as the GO Pass, but it will cost you €74.
  • Also ask for weekend-tickets in the stations. They are 50% cheaper!
  • More information:

You can also travel by high-speed train from Brussels to:

* attention: price update from 1/2/2010

Busses & Trams

Several bus and tram routes allow you to travel through Ghent or through one of the neighbouring towns (Bruges, Antwerp, etc.). To determine the fare of a bus ride, Ghent and its surroundings have been divided into zones. The price that you have to pay for a ticket depends on the number of zones that you travel through. You can choose between four different ways of paying for your ride.

  1. Single journey: for a single journey in the city centre on a city bus or tram, you can buy a ticket for 1 hour (price: € 2 if you buy it on the bus; and € 1,2 presale ), which you should stamp in the machine on the opposite side of the entry door. This ticket remains valid for an hour's journey in town, including changes of bus/tram without restriction.
  2. Lijnkaart: probably you will be using city buses or trams more regularly. Then you are better off buying a ‘Lijnkaart’ (€15 if you buy it on the bus; or €8 in presale. You have 10 rides, so: price per hour: €1,5 or €0,8 in presale), which you stamp each time you make a trip. You can use these tickets in all Flemish cities, e.g. Aalst, Antwerpen, Brugge, Gent, Genk, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Leuven, Mechelen, Oostende, Roeselare, Sint-Niklaas, Turnhout, …
  3. Day Ticket: a day ticket costs € 6 (or €5 in presale) and allows you to travel through Ghent on any tram or bus you like during the whole day. There are also 3-days & 5-days tickets.
  4. Buzzy Pass or Omnipas: If you will be using the buses and trams for longer period, it might be a lot cheaper to buy a 'season ticket'.  Depending on your age, you can buy a 'Buzzy Pazz' or an 'Omnipas'.  Both tickets are valid always and everywhere on buses and trams of 'De Lijn'.  You can also use these season tickets in other Flemish cities, e.g. Aalst, Antwerpen, Brugge, Gent, Genk, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Leuven, Mechelen, Oostende, Roeselare, Sint-Niklaas and Turnhout + the Belgian coast.
  5. Season Tickets Bus + Tram 'De Lijn'


    Buzzy Pazz (6-24 year) Omnipas (25 – 59 year)
    1 month € 21,40 € 27,50
    3 months € 60 € 78
    12 months € 166 € 216
  6. Night bus: On Fridays and Saturdays, you can take one of the free night busses. These busses start at Zuid from 1h45, 2h30, 3h15, 4h00 and 4h45

More information can be obtained at the shops of 'De Lijn' ('Lijnwinkels'):

  • Korenmarkt-Belfort (open on-Friday 7u-19u, Saturday 10h30-17h30)
  • Sint-Pieters station (open Mon-Friday 7u-19u)
  • Zuid (open Monday-Friday 11u-18u)
  • Gentbrugge (open Mon-Friday 9u-16u)
  • Info tel. +32/70/220.200 (from inside Belgium: 070/220.200)
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Here you can find a map of Ghent with all the bus & tram lines (in pdf)


Attention: last update of the price details: 1/2/2010