What should I pay special attention to?

Rental agreement

  • read it carefully
  • pay attention to the conditions for termination
  • check which costs are included in the rent
  • make sure that verbal promises are noted on the agreement
  • record the start and end numbers on energy meters
  • ask the landlord to use the model rental agreement


  • maximum 3 months’ rental or a fixed amount
  • cannot be used to pay the rent

Inventory (= physical condition of the room)

  • must be drawn up in detail, preferably in the presence of the landlord


  • ask your landlord for the certification report from the City of Ghent and the Fire Department
  • check if there are fire extinguishers, smoke detector systems and emergency escape routes
  • watch out for dangling or dangerous electrical wiring
  • watch out for damp/mould problems


Ask your owner to register the rental agreement. This gives you the assurance that you can stay in your room until the final date stated in the agreement, in case the property is sold.