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U4 University Network makes up positive balance of 2014

The seventh U4 Rector's Meeting took place at the Georg-August Universität Göttingen on 23 and 24 November 2014. During this annual meeting, the rector activities of the past year were evaluated and the strategy and agenda of the coming year were also established.

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Study shows that community pharmacists can improve use of inhaled medicines by COPD patients

Inhalator A recent study, initiated by the Pharmaceutical Care Unit of Ghent University and the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Ghent University Hospital, showed that community pharmacists can improve the use of inhaled medicines by patients with COPD

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Four PhDs defended in the context of collaboration program with Jimma University

Bizunesh Midekssa Borena The Institutional University Collaboration program with Jimma University, Ethiopia, which is coordinated by Ghent University, aims at capacity building. In the context of this program, four PhDs were defended last week in the disciplines trypanosomosis, stem cell research, helminthiasis and family planning.

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