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Being Abroad: a project on 50 years of migration to Ghent

Ghent University hosts dozens of foreign researchers, students and professors. Who are these intellectual migrants and how did they get here? What do Ghent and Ghent University signify to them? How do they experience the nomadic life of an academic and what does 'home' mean while being 'abroad'?

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Research on inflammasomes opens new therapeutic avenues for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Geneesmiddelen - onderzoek - labo Patients with more or less severe forms of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may have the same painful symptoms, but does this mean that the cause of their illness is the same? And therefore that they should all receive the same treatment?

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Book Tower closed for renovation

Foto van de Boekentoren (foto: Marc Careel) The Book Tower will be closed for renovations from 1 September 2014 through 1 April 2015. During this period, the entire collection will be transferred to the new underground depot.

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