News bulletin

26-06-2017 European Commission praises Ghent University for outstanding quality international masters
22-06-2017 Again no two-thirds majority in elections for rector and vice-rector
21-06-2017 Aphea.Bio aims at leading position in next generation agricultural biologicals
20-06-2017 Second cycle of voting at Ghent University: towards a second round
15-06-2017 Princess Astrid visits Global Campus in South Korea
14-06-2017 Derrick Gosselin receives prestigious RSA Fellowship
12-06-2017 Elections: seven crucial questions for the candidates
12-06-2017 Show the award-winning image film of Ghent University during your presentations or at your events
09-06-2017 Ghent University ranked 19th among 'Europe's Most Innovative Universities'
06-06-2017 New Centre for Bioassay Development and Screening launched
02-06-2017 Honorary doctorate for Bernard De Baets
01-06-2017 Scientists give tumor-fighting cells a boost in battling bone marrow cancer
31-05-2017 Rik Van de Walle and Mieke Van Herreweghe candidates in second cycle of voting
30-05-2017 Official change of name: 'Campus UZ Gent' and 'Faculty of Law and Criminology’
30-05-2017 400th Exploot on 9 June: join us for a run around Watersportbaan
30-05-2017 Vote Ghent University researchers into the final of the 2017 science talent prize
30-05-2017 Register your A1 and P1 publications in Biblio
18-05-2017 All the questions and answers about the new pension scheme for administrative and technical staff in one brochure
18-05-2017 Ghent University image film wins bronze medal on New York Festival for World’s Best TV & Films
18-05-2017 Language test for non-native speakers is awarded the prestigious ‘Q-label’
18-05-2017 Towards a second cycle of voting at Ghent University: timing of the voting rounds
18-05-2017 Tips for cyber security at Ghent University
18-05-2017 Looking for accommodation for participants in conferences or summer courses?
18-05-2017 ‘Tips & tricks’ for evaluation meetings
18-05-2017 Nominate your colleagues for the Ghent University Awards