News bulletin

28-09-2016 Wilfrida Decraemer and Lieve Gheysen appointed Fellow of the European Society of Nematologists
23-09-2016 Welcome days for international students
22-09-2016 New academic year inaugurates '200 years Ghent University'
14-09-2016 Belgian scientists discover missing link in septic shock
14-09-2016 Terrorism expert Martha Crenshaw receives honorary doctorate
12-09-2016 6 million euro for 4 promising Ghent University researchers
09-09-2016 President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences visits Ghent University
08-09-2016 Scientists discover beverage can at 4,500 meters depth
07-09-2016 Expertise on migration and refugees bundled in CESSMIR
02-09-2016 Ghent University Global Campus in Korea begins third academic year
01-09-2016 Wilfried De Neve receives Honorary Membership Award
30-08-2016 Bart Dessein elected President of the European Association for Chinese Studies
25-08-2016 Vote for your 'Science Talent 2016'
22-08-2016 Methane becomes usable resource
17-08-2016 Lien Denoo wins Heizer Doctoral Dissertation Award
16-08-2016 Ghent University ranked Belgium's best university again
10-08-2016 120 foreign students experience Dutch language and culture immersion course
09-08-2016 Why insect burgers are not succesful (yet)
27-07-2016 Good luck to our athletes at the Olympics!
27-07-2016 Gerard Gonzales wins International Nutrition Student Research Championship
15-07-2016 Ghent University closed during Ghent Festivities
14-07-2016 Confiscated salamanders return to Japan
08-07-2016 Seawater becomes drinking water of the future
01-07-2016 ATP policy thoroughly reformed
30-06-2016 New deans appointed