News bulletin

09-11-2016 Researchers unravel viruses’ strategies to dodge immune systems
05-11-2016 Philippe De Maeyer receives Tianshan Award
03-11-2016 Binge-eating bacteria extract energy from sewage
03-11-2016 Three Ghent University Directors visit Mzumbe University in Tanzania
03-11-2016 Controlling plant regeneration systems may drive the future of agriculture
28-10-2016 Bacterial lamp emits light without plug or batteries
27-10-2016 Filip Tack is appointed Honorable Ambassador of Gangwon Province
26-10-2016 Epilog Technology Improves Diagnosis of Epilepsy using Automated EEG Analysis
26-10-2016 More than 100.000 biological materials available at the The Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms
26-10-2016 Ghent is getting ready for the cancer research of the future
24-10-2016 Stijn Volckaert receives IBM Innovation Award 2016
21-10-2016 Annual awards for science communication
21-10-2016 Honorary doctorate for Guido Van Huylenbroeck
18-10-2016 Russia Platform starts with debate on Russia's future
18-10-2016 Students tackle water scarcity with home-made bottle cap
17-10-2016 Tom Gheysens earns third place in science slam
14-10-2016 Ghent University now better represented in Europe
14-10-2016 Scientists discover new process for carbon dioxide conversion
12-10-2016 Novel group of methane producing organisms named after Em. Prof. Willy Verstraete
12-10-2016 Ghent University delegation with Rector Anne De Paepe joins royal state visit to Japan
07-10-2016 ATP policy reform completed
05-10-2016 Nominees for Education, Research and Public Engagement Awards announced
04-10-2016 SoleWay: help to build the wiki of indoor navigation
04-10-2016 Peter Vandenabeele receives CDD Jürg Tschopp Award
30-09-2016 Adaptation to food deprivation as a clue for treating metabolic diseases