News bulletin

19-05-2016 Rector Anne De Paepe presents vision for the future of Ghent University
17-05-2016 International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia at Ghent University
11-05-2016 Free fair trade coffee at Ghent University
11-05-2016 Five Taiwanese universities visit Ghent University
04-05-2016 Scientists use viral particles to trap intact mammalian protein complexes
04-05-2016 Patricia Vanneste (Balthazar) in new edition of 'Dare to Think'
27-04-2016 Laura Verhulst is Ghent student entrepeneur of the year
26-04-2016 Agreement between Ghent University and Chinese Hebei University
22-04-2016 Statement on the transparent approach to animal testing
21-04-2016 Ghent University calls to support Ecuador
18-04-2016 Two Ghent University scientists receive prestigious ERC Advanced Grant
15-04-2016 New building 'iGent' is a gem of sustainability
14-04-2016 Mohamed Lamkanfi receives Baillet Latour Grant for Medical Research
13-04-2016 Jog for science: participants needed for research on music and running
13-04-2016 Help Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross to facilitate their rescue
12-04-2016 Red meat is not a direct cause of cancer
07-04-2016 Successful first year for cutting-edge shrimp health research company
07-04-2016 Chinese ambassador visits Ghent University
05-04-2016 7 reasons to choose the University Halls of Residence
01-04-2016 Six new Odysseus projects for Ghent University
01-04-2016 New insights in cancer therapy from cell death research: Killed cancer cells serve as a potent anti-cancer vaccine
31-03-2016 Ghent University expands fruitful cooperation with Vietnam