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News bulletin

26-11-2014 U4 University Network makes up positive balance of 2014
24-11-2014 Study shows that community pharmacists can improve use of inhaled medicines by COPD patients
10-11-2014 Four PhDs defended in the context of collaboration program with Jimma University
31-10-2014 New partner in collaboration with Chinese Academy of Sciences
31-10-2014 European salamanders and newts vulnerable to fungal disease from Asia
22-10-2014 Alumni Network launched in South East Europe
10-10-2014 European award for UGent model for 'student-entrepreneurs'
06-10-2014 UGent participates in Ghent Fair Trade Week
29-09-2014 Expertise center Lemcko organizes services through spin-off Karybel
18-09-2014 Ceremonious opening new academic year on 19 September
16-09-2014 Luceda Photonics receives growth finance for photonic IC design framework
10-09-2014 Ghent bio-engineers do new discoveries at Stonehenge
03-09-2014 Book Tower closed due to renovation
01-09-2014 Welcome days help international students get started at Ghent University
25-08-2014 First opening of academic year at Ghent Uni Global Campus in Korea
15-08-2014 Ghent University on place 70 in Shanghai ranking
06-08-2014 Interested in Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Opportunities?
06-08-2014 A new integrated approach to Internationalisation at Ghent University
30-07-2014 Oceans play a crucial role in climate variability: 1984 famine in Ethiopia caused by oceanic patterns
02-07-2014 Book Tower closed for renovation
01-07-2014 Research on inflammasomes opens new therapeutic avenues for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
24-06-2014 Universidad Oriente Cuba receives donation of 200 computers and 20 servers
24-06-2014 Nominate your exceptional colleagues for a Ghent University Award
18-06-2014 Eike-von-Repgow-Preis for Prof Dirk Heirbaut
16-06-2014 3 Belgian American Educational Foundation scholarschips awarded to Ghent scientists