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News bulletin

08-02-2016 Ghent University delegation builds futuristic ice pavilion in Finland
03-02-2016 New treatment for nasal polyps
02-02-2016 Peter Piot inspires postdocs at MenTa and MenZa year-end celebration
29-01-2016 Marleen Temmerman receives Marie Popelin Award
28-01-2016 Large-scale research on driving behaviour and safety
26-01-2016 Researchers uncover new mechanism controlling plant root development
20-01-2016 Ghent University Global Campus Korea opens up new perspectives
20-01-2016 Ghent University and UCL launch Teaching Chairs in Contemporary Islam
20-01-2016 Select music based on your thoughts... and 15 other innovative creations of students
18-01-2016 Primary school children drink too little
12-01-2016 Ghent University installs Teaching Chair Port of Ghent
12-01-2016 Ghent University launches beer in Cambodia
06-01-2016 Employers use Facebook to screen job candidates
24-12-2015 Best wishes for 2016!
22-12-2015 Integration of Ghent University Hospital approved
17-12-2015 Honorary doctorates awarded on 18 March 2016
15-12-2015 EIGE praises Ghent University for gender policy
11-12-2015 Health labels influence flavour perception
09-12-2015 A radical signal to the progeny
07-12-2015 Innoversity Challenge yields useful ideas
04-12-2015 HR managers emphasize importance of broad competencies for postdocs
24-11-2015 Fundraising event for HIV research
23-11-2015 European sustainable economy with Ghent University expertise
22-11-2015 Persian dwarf snake consists of six species, scientists discover
19-11-2015 Ghent University spin-off The Forge stimulates innovation in companies