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News bulletin

09-10-2015 6 million project 'CARBOSURF' is launched
06-10-2015 Foundation stone of International School of Ghent is laid
06-10-2015 Ghent University coordinates EPOS
05-10-2015 Two academic Chairs in Contemporary Islam at Ghent University and UCL
05-10-2015 Discrimination against older people depends on their career
29-09-2015 Janssens Pharmaceutica and Ghent University launch partnership
29-09-2015 Disruption of brain-blood barrier might influence progression of Alzheimer’s
29-09-2015 Ghent University successful in Horizon 2020
25-09-2015 Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij becomes coordinator of the institutional review
21-09-2015 Scientists have developed rice with high folate stability
14-09-2015 Scientists learn how to predict plant size
08-09-2015 Flemish Government approves integration of Ghent University Hospital into Ghent University
02-09-2015 Ghent University Global Campus begins second year
01-09-2015 Soil carbon storage controlled by interactions between geochemistry and climate
25-08-2015 Metal-induced malformations in early Palaeozoic plankton are harbingers of mass extinction
17-08-2015 Gene stacking is necessary for strong resistance to Phytophtora blight
15-08-2015 Ghent University maintains strong position in Shanghai ranking
03-08-2015 Innovative technology against global warming developed by Ghent University and Berkeley (USA)
28-07-2015 VIB and Ghent University develop better interpretation tool of biomedical research
16-07-2015 Ghent University is closed during Ghent Festivities
03-07-2015 2 FWO Excellence Prizes awarded to Ghent University scholars
17-06-2015 New programme Master of Science in Maritime Science
08-06-2015 Come and taste East Flanders at the World Expo in Milan
01-06-2015 New policy plan induces societal value creation of research
27-05-2015 All female Law student team performs brilliantly at Washington moot