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News bulletin

25-08-2014 First opening of academic year at Ghent Uni Global Campus in Korea
15-08-2014 Ghent University on place 70 in Shanghai ranking
06-08-2014 Interested in Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Opportunities?
06-08-2014 A new integrated approach to Internationalisation at Ghent University
30-07-2014 Oceans play a crucial role in climate variability: 1984 famine in Ethiopia caused by oceanic patterns
02-07-2014 Book Tower closed for renovation
01-07-2014 Research on inflammasomes opens new therapeutic avenues for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
24-06-2014 Universidad Oriente Cuba receives donation of 200 computers and 20 servers
24-06-2014 Nominate your exceptional colleagues for a Ghent University Award
18-06-2014 Eike-von-Repgow-Preis for Prof Dirk Heirbaut
16-06-2014 3 Belgian American Educational Foundation scholarschips awarded to Ghent scientists
16-06-2014 Being Abroad: a project on 50 years of migration to Ghent
16-06-2014 Hogan Award for Personality and Work Performance for Ghent Uni researchers
13-06-2014 13 Ghent Uni researchers on reputable Highly Cited Researchers list
11-06-2014 Mechanism of cell death unraveled: perspectives for treating degenerative and inflammatory diseases
11-06-2014 Research shows that electricity consumption by ICT has doubled in 9 years
11-06-2014 Ghent University (re-)elects its deans
27-05-2014 Ghent University awards medal of honor to Prof Kora Tushune
22-05-2014 European Commission congratulates Ghent University on HR action plan for researchers
21-05-2014 Ghent University wins 2nd consecutive Employer of the Year award
15-05-2014 Francqui Prize 2014 awarded to Prof Bart Lambrecht
15-05-2014 Summer Schools unite international PhD researchers in Ghent
15-05-2014 New technology simplifies production of biotech medicines
08-05-2014 Student Ghentrepreneur Award 2014 won by Sarah Parent
07-05-2014 Underwater robot shows 'depth' of marine debris problem