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11-04-2014 Flemish universities concerned about continuation of European stem cell research
09-04-2014 Model United Nations participants bring home 5 awards from New York
04-04-2014 Ghent University and China agree on 'joint lab'
01-04-2014 Job Market for Young Researchers on 1 April
24-03-2014 Optical information processing on chips inspired by human brain
24-03-2014 Amnesty International Chair for human rights activist Clive Stafford Smith
19-03-2014 Post docs unite in Ghent University community
19-03-2014 Research opens the way to new medication for allergies and inflammatory disorders
07-03-2014 Ghent University students win Boston Consulting Group Strategy Cup
28-02-2014 Hepatitis C could be eliminated by 2030!
28-02-2014 Blackfly may be cause of horrific nodding disease
28-02-2014 More than 100 student associations acknowledged at Ghent University
18-03-2014 Plants recycle too with the aim of being energy efficient
17-02-2014 New edition of popular Low Countries Studies programme
07-02-2014 Researchers discover potential treatment against septic shock
03-02-2014 Test your English vocabulary using the Ghent University online word test
03-02-2014 Head of Doping Control Laboratory monitors audits during Sochi olympics
21-01-2014 Micropredators dictate occurrence of deadly amphibian disease
17-01-2014 Sensors monitor decay of food in food packaging
08-01-2014 Researchers find large amounts of dust in supernova
02-01-2014 5 new ERC Grants for Ghent University
02-01-2014 Field trial with lignin modified poplars shows potential for bio-based economy
20-12-2013 Existence of high-energy ghost particles in the cosmos proven by IceCube project
19-12-2013 Ghent University awarded with quality label by European Commission
16-12-2013 Ghent University contributes in development of regenerative life support units for space missions