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News bulletin

15-04-2015 Farmers, sector and consumers positive about use of insects in animal feed
14-04-2015 4 European Research Council Grants awarded to Ghent University researchers
31-03-2015 Start Academy 2015 won by Ghent student start up project
20-03-2015 6 new honorary doctorates awarded on 20 March 2015
17-03-2015 Reservoir Lab wins 100,000 dollar in National Data Science Bowl
17-03-2015 Amnesty International Chair awarded to Dave Eggers
17-03-2015 Study shows that Flemish euthanasia rate doubles in 6 years
13-03-2015 FameLab competition is looking for young scientists and engineers
12-03-2015 FLUCOP aims at a better evaluation of influenza vaccines
12-03-2015 Prehistoric fossils shed new light on evolution of arthropods
12-03-2015 Flemish energy research joins forces
10-03-2015 JEC Europe Innovation Award for Ghent researchers
05-03-2015 Particle physicists develop detectors for CERN experiment
03-03-2015 UGent students at the top of Battle of Talents competition
02-03-2015 Researchers publish findings about influence of climate change on food safety
27-02-2015 Rare Disease Day: researchers call for a better framework
17-02-2015 Ghent University and imec show light and sound interaction in nanoscale area
13-02-2015 Multiscreen households and Focus on Demand aggregation to make very high-speed broadband deployments a success
09-02-2015 New popular cultural programme Low Countries Studies launched
04-02-2015 International study reveals widening health inequalities among adolescents
03-02-2015 2 interuniversity master programs launched in Ecuador
03-02-2015 Engineers wanted for mission to India
02-02-2015 CARDIS, a new European effort targeting mobile early-stage cardio vascular disease detection
30-01-2015 Universities call attention to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
29-01-2015 Ghent Light Festival shows Ghent University patrimony and research