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Training and professional development

Ghent University is committed to investing in staff development and training to ensure that it has highly skilled, highly motivated and professional staff able to perform consistently to the highest standards.


The majority of training courses for permanent academic staff and administrative staff are organised in Dutch. The training catalogue can be reached through Apollo. It provides a central point for staff of the University to search for and book onto a variety of training courses, ranging from software to leadership skills. Log in via the Athena-platform (login mandatory) or, click the tab 'Personeel' and then the tab 'Vorming'.

Language courses are organised by the University Language Center. Of course, you may sample the regular UGent study programmes or courses of these programmes - of which certain are offered in English.

PhD students can register for the Ghent University Doctoral Training Programme within the framework of PhD studies, all offered in English. Each Doctoral School organises specialist courses and transferable skills seminars as part of the Doctoral Training Programme.

Staff development

The majority of staff are employed on the university's grade and classifications structure but a small minority of staff groups are covered by other arrangements.

Academic career progression

There are different levels of career progression for academic staff.  Each level consists of distinct role profiles associated with that level, each with its unique requirements. Each profile sets out what is expected of an academic member of staff at what particular level. Progression or promotion to the next level will occur after a competitive comparison between candidates.

Salary classes for academic staff (in Dutch).

Administrative career progression

For the administrative and technical staff, different grades and classifications have been drawn up. The classes are:

Classification Description/competences Grades
A+ Leadership and management
grades 9 to 11
A Academic expertise (conceptual & practical)
grades 7 to 9
Administrative & technical expertise
grades 4 to 6
C Practical & technical expertise
grades 3 to 4
Logistical expertise
grades 2 to 3

There is a system of evaluation and adjustment moments in place (once a year).

Moving between classifications is only possible if the role itself changes so significantly, that on re-evaluation it is found to be a different classification, or where an individual moves from one role to another (for instance, in the case of promotion or progression to a higher level role).

Unacceptable performance should be dealt with in a fair, effective and timely way, with the first aim of supporting to an acceptable level of performance and only if this is unsuccessful, a second aim of exploring other ways of resolving the issues.

Salary classes for administrative staff (in Dutch).

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