Invitation seminar prof. dr. Albert Gjedde (August 2015)

DruQuar kindly invites you to the seminar of prof. dr. Albert Gjedde (University of Copenhagen) on 25 August 2015 at 15h00 in seminar room 2 of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The topic of this seminar is "Kinetics of blood-brain transfert of molecules: From passive diffusion to active transport". On the link below you can find the abstract of his talk.

Albert Gjedde is (co-)author of a long list of highly cited publications like his work on the Gjedde-Patlak plot, also known as the Multitime Graphical Analysis, which linearized irreversible brain uptake of tracers. During his career, he has received pultiple academic distinctions for his pioneering work as neuroscientist.

We hope to welcome you on 25 August 2015 !

Abstract and Poster

Postersessie FaBaP  2015 (June 2015)

Ook dit jaar stelden de studenten van de 3e Bachelor in de Farmaceutische Wetenschappen de resultaten van de Farmaceutische Bachelorproef voor aan de multidisciplinaire jury, die studenten kritische evalueerde. Foto's

Postersessie Farmaceutische bachelorproef 23 juni 2014 (June 2014)

Naar jaarlijkse gewoonte vond op maandag 23 juni 2014 de postersessie plaats.  De studenten van de derde bachelor in de Farmaceutische Wetenschappen presenteerden er de bekomen resultaten van de Farmaceutische Bachelorproef en werden beoordeeld door een vakkundige jury, samengesteld uit zowel academici als mensen uit de farmaceutische sector in al zijn geledingen.  Foto's

Gastsprekers tijdens lessen Registratie van geneesmiddelen (November 2013)

Drie gastsprekers werden uitgenodigd om een hoorcollege te geven in het vak Registratie (Master Geneesmiddelen Ontwikkeling).

1) Variaties (6 november 2013) door Ph.D. Bram Baert (Pfizer)

2) Prijs en terugbetaling (13 novermber 2013) door ind.apoth. Agnes Degroote (consultant)

3) Informatie en farmacovigilantie (20 november 2013): M.D. Christine Lenaerts (Roche).

Bram Baert




Lecture by David Craik: Discovery of naturally occuring cyclic peptides and their applications in drug design (July 2013)

On the 9th July 2013, professor David Craik from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience of the university of Queensland (Australia), was invited to give a lecture about his research, which focuses on the application of NMR in drug design and on toxins, including conotoxins. His group has a particular focus on structural studies of disulfide-rich proteins/peptides, and on the discovery and applications of circular and novel protein/peptide topologies. The presentation can be found by clicking here presentation

Quorumpeps® database (on web May 2012)

Quorumpeps® is a resource of quorum-sensing signalling peptides. This database is linked to a manuscript entitled "Quorumpeps database:chemical space and functionality of quorum-sensing peptides".(Nucleic Acids Research, accepted for publication), in which the origin of the different peptides and their quorum-sensing pathways and methods are described. The database is a collaboration project with the TELIN group of Ghent University.

Link to website :

Alkamid® database (on web March 2012)

Alkamid® is a resource of plant occuring N-alkamides (N-AAs). The Alkamid®database is coupled to a manuscript entitled "Alkamid database: Chemistry, occurrence and functionality of plant N-alkylamides" (Journal of Ethnopharmacology, doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2012.05.038), in which the origin of the different types N-alkylamide, their biosynthetic pathways and functionalities are described. The database is a collaboration project with the TELIN group of Ghent Unviversity.

Link to website :

Brainpeps® database (on web January 2012)

Brainpeps® is a resource of blood-brain barrier properties of peptides. The database is linked to the manuscript "Brainpeps: the blood-brain barrier petide database". (Brain Structure and Function, 217, 687-718), in which the BBB methods and responses are clarified and correlated to each other. The database is a collaboration project with the TELIN group of Ghent University.

Link to website :