Laboratory of Intensive Care Outcomes Reasearch



Prof. dr. Johan Decruyenaere

Prof. dr. Eric Hoste

Prof. dr. Dominique Benoit

Prof. dr. Jan De Waele

Prof. dr. Pieter Depuydt

Prof. dr. Kirsten Colpaert

Dr. Patrick Druwé


Wetenschappelijke medewerkers:

Annick de Jaeger

Carl Roosens

Ann Verstraete


Outcomes research focuses on the effects of medical care on individuals and society. To address its questions, outcomes research relies on a variety of disciplines including clinical epidemiology, medical informatics, health economics and advanced biostatistical modeling including artificial intelligence techniques. The Laboratory of Intensive Care Outcomes Research is organized in separate but closely interactive cells to achieve synergistic research results.

Onderzoeksproject 1: Acute kidney injury in the ICU

Under management of E. Hoste, in collaboration with R. Vanholder (Dpt. of Nephrology) and J. Kellum (Pittsburgh, USA)

Onderzoeksproject 2: Impact of Intensive Care information technology and decision support on the quality of care

Under management of J. Decruyenaere, in collaboration with F. De Turck (dept of Information Technology, Ghent University).

Onderzoeksproject 3: Longitudinal data analysis, time series analysis and causality in the ICU

Under management of D. Benoit, P. In collaboration with S. Vansteelandt (Dept of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Ghent University) and JF Timsit (University of Grenoble, France)

Onderzoeksproject 4: Severe abdominal pathology in the ICU (acute pancreatitis, abdominal hypertension and severe abdominal infections)

Under management of J. De Waele, in collaboration with Ph. Duyck, L. Delrue (Dept of Radiology, Ghent) and M. Malbrain (Stuyvenberg Hospital, AZN, Antwerp)

Onderzoeksproject 5: Infectiology in Critical Care Medicine

Under management of P. Depuydt, in collaboration with D. Vogelaers (Dept of Infectiology) and G. Claeys (Dept of Microbiology)

Onderzoeksproject 6: Sepsis, inflammation, ischemia/reperfusion injury

Under management of J. Decruyenaere and D.Benoit

Onderzoeksproject 7: Health economics in the ICU

Under management of J. Decruyenaere, in collaboration with L. Annemans (Dept of Public Health, UGent)

Onderzoeksproject 8: Prognosis of hemato-oncological patients in the ICU

Under management of D. Benoit, in collaboration with F. Offner (Dept. of Hematology, Ghent), E. Azoulay (Paris, France), M.Soares (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Onderzoeksproject 9: End-of-life issues and communication in the ICU

Under management of D. Benoit in collaboration with N. Van Den Noortgate (Dept of Internal Medicine) and E. Azoulay (Paris, France)

Beschikbare onderzoekstechnieken en -infrastructuur

Clinical trial cell (3 study nurses) with 24h/24h 7d/7d coverage for patient inclusion and follow-up

Intensive Care Information System: a dedicated patient data management system where on average 16,000 patient data are collected and stored per patient and per day

Belangrijkste publicaties

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