Galenus Prize 2015 - 3 Postdocs from Physiology Laureate


Three postdoctoral researchers from the Physiology Group, Marijke De Bock, Elke Decrock and Nan Wang were awarded with the prestigious Galenus Prize 2015 for their research on connexin hemichannels as pharmacological targets in brain and cardiovascular disease. The Galen Prize is the collective name for a series of national and international awards. A first award is granted to a research-based pharmaceutical company for the development of an innoviative medicine. The Pharmacology Prize is awarded to young researchers who carry out important clinical or fundamental research in pharmacology. For the first time, a third prize was handed out this year to the most meaningful Medical Device that can lead to better treatment.

The prizes were awarded in the presence of Mr. Kris Peeters, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Employment, Economy, Consumers, in charge of Foreign Trade in the Bozar in Brussels on May 31, 2016.