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10-07-2017 16:00 Sadiki Kishabongo, Antoine Study of glycated proteins as a potential marker for diabetes diagnosis
07-07-2017 16:00 Van Der Borght, Katrien Cardiac dendritic cell subsets activate autoreactive T cells in the healthy and diseased heart
06-07-2017 17:30 Drebert, Zuzanna Glucocorticoid receptor modulation of the colon cancer microenvironment
05-07-2017 18:00 Verhelle, Adriaan Gelsolin Amyloidosis: a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Nanobody Approach
05-07-2017 16:00 Deckers, Julie The skin as a central player in house dust mite allergy
30-06-2017 18:00 Bolcaen, Julie Assessment of therapy response and differentiation between tumor recurrence and therapy-related effects in high-grade glioma using PET and MRI
29-06-2017 17:30 De Cock, Pieter Impact of critical illness and cardiopulmonary bypass on antibiotic disposition in children
27-06-2017 18:00 Melsens, Elodie Hypoxia in solid tumors, biomarker and target for individualized therapy
26-06-2017 18:00 Bonczkowski, Pawel Challenges of in vitro HIV latency models
26-06-2017 17:00 Dheedene, Annelies Innovations in cytogenomic technologies for prenatal diagnosis
26-06-2017 16:00 Franck, Caro Towards patient-specific dose and image quality analysis in CT imaging
23-06-2017 18:00 Bronselaer, Guy Genital Sensitivity
21-06-2017 18:00 Johansson, Fredrik The shoulder in the elite adolescent tennis player: Exploration of structural and functional sportspecific adaptations
15-06-2017 18:00 Gistelinck, Charlotte Generation and validation of zebrafish models for heritable skeletal disorders
14-06-2017 18:00 Tomassen, Peter Late-onset Inflammatory Airway Disease: from Populations to Endotypes
14-06-2017 17:30 Van der Heyden, Johan Validity of the assessment of population health and use of health care in a national health interview survey
13-06-2017 18:00 Coppieters, Iris Relationships between cognitive deficits, central sensitization, and structural brain alterations in patients with chronic idiopathic neck pain, chronic whiplash associated disorders and fibromyalgia
12-06-2017 17:00 Ibrahim, Ibrahim Mahmoud Sayed Humanized mice as a model for the study of hepatitis E virus infection
12-06-2017 17:00 Vermeir, Peter Studies on Communication Exchange in Healthcare in Flanders, Belgium
09-06-2017 17:30 Baetens, Dorien SeX(X)Y genes: unraveling the molecular pathogenesis of disorders of sex development