Research Clinical decision-support and EBM in primary care

  • Chronic care: addressing multi-morbidity through goal-oriented care
  • Provider-patient communication
  • Equity in primary healthcare
  • Community oriented approaches for health
  • Inter-professional collaboration in education and practice
  • Health systems research
  • Ethics, autonomy and responsibility in healthcare


  • Bachelor of Science in Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences
  • Bachelor and Master of Medicine in Medicine
  • Bachelor and Master of Science in Dentistry
  • Master of Medicine in Family Medicine
  • Master of Medicine in Youth Health Care
  • Master of Science in Health Education and Health Promotion
  • Master of Science in Health Care Management and Policy
  • Master of Science in Hospital Hygiene and Infection
  • Master of Science in Nursing and Midwifery
  • Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy