Equity in health care

Welcome on the website of the research Group “Equity in health care”!
This site gives a short overview of recent research activities of the research group. For more information on a specific project, click on the blue links.

Focus on health care use

International research shows a clear social gradient in health care use, both for preventive and curative services.  The work  of the research group includes:

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Research on the structure of health care services includes:

Research on the process of care delivery includes:

Research on the outcomes of care includes:


Focus on individual social characteristics, community social processes  and health equity

International research has linked social characteristics and social processes  (e.g. social capital, social cohesion) to different health outcomes and health care use.

The buffering effect of social characteristics and social processes  in the relation between socio-economic status and health is investigated in a four-year research project funded by the Flemish Research Fund.