The project Biotechnology for a sustainable economy (Ghent Bio-Economy) of Ghent University is a multidisciplinary partnership (MRP) involvingĀ 15 professors at Ghent University from the Faculties of Bioscience Engineering, Sciences, Economics and Business Administration, Law, Arts and Philosophy and 1 professor at the University of Antwerp at the faculty of Biology.

This Multidisciplinary Research Partnership is focusing on the synergistic interaction between green and white biotechnology that is expected to lead to substantial scientific progress in the transition from the present fossil-based economy to a biobased economy.

Plant (green) biotechnology on the one hand is important for the primary production of biomass through the genetic improvement of crops. Industrial (white) biotechnology on the other hand is involved in the conversion of these renewable resources into a wide range of bioproducts, biomaterials and biofuels.

The biobased economy is still in its infancy, but is expected to grow exponentially as a consequence of the drive towards sustainable production processes, the strong price increase for fossil resources such as petroleum, and the need to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2.

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