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User support

Mailing lists

If you request an HPC account you are automatically added to these two mailing lists:

  • hpc-announce: low bandwidth channel that is used for official announcements. Any outages or expected downtimes will be communicated through this list.
  • hpc-users: a forum for the UGent HPC community, intended for discussions and communicating with other colleagues who use HPC resources. Users have the option to unsubscribe from the hpc-users list.

Optionally, UGent personnel without an HPC account who wish to be informed can be added to either or both mailing lists (self service - click links above).


In case of questions or requests, send a mail to .

Please mention your name, HPC account id (vsc40xxx), problem description and error message and output associated with the problem.

Training and lectures

HPC-UGent organizes training sessions and lectures on a regular basis. An overview:

  • Introduction to HPC @ UGent
    • A quick introductory training to start working on the HPC infrastructure of Ghent University
    • One half-day intro-session (before noon), followed by optional hands-on session (afternoon)
    • Research groups (>10 people) can request a session at
    • Next sessions:
      • Monday 23 January 2017, 10am - 5pm, Multimediaroom S9 (campus Sterre) - Register now
      • Wednesday 17 May 2017, 10am - 5pm Multimediaroom S9 (campus Sterre) - Register now
  • Singularity: Containers in HPC
    • Introductory session on Singularity, a tool to use containers on HPC infrastructure
    • Tuesday February 7th 2017, 2.00pm - 5.00pm, Multimediaroom S9 (campus Sterre)
    • Register now
  • Introduction to Linux
    • A one-day course that gets you started on Linux and the command line interface, with a particular focus on using the HPC infrastructure of Ghent University
    • Next session:
      • Wednesday 15 March 2017, 9.00am - 5.00pm, Multimediaroom S9 (campus Sterre)
    • Register now


    More HPC-related training events are available from these providers: