Dr. Micheline Lesaffre

Dr. Micheline Lesaffre

Dr. Micheline Lesaffre is working a postdoctoral researcher in systematic musicology at IPEM. In her PhD dissertation (2006) “Music information retrieval: conceptual framework, annotation and user behaviour” she proposes a novel conceptual framework that is conceived as a coordinating structure between the automatic description of low-level music content, and the description of high-level content by music information retrieval system users.  Her research has a focus on user-oriented analysis, the usability of music tools, user experiences, and social-economic issues related to stakeholders in the cultural and creative sector. Recently, this work has been expanded to the domain of health and wellbeing, with a focus on person-centered approaches to embodied music interaction based interventions. In 2013, together with M. Leman, she edited the book “The Power of Music” encompassing Embodied Music Cognition research at IPEM. Her current activities involve: conducting scientific research including design and execution of experiments involving people with dementia and persons with not innate brain injury (e.g. stroke, trauma); initiation and supervision of scientific projects with postdocs, PhD-students and MSc students; networking and participation in consortia; publishing; peer reviewing; and teaching.


Email: micheline.lesaffre@UGent.be

Telephone: +32 (0)9 264 4121

Visiting/postal address: Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Ghent Belgium (Technicum Blok 2, Entrance A, Floor -1, office 90.010) (Google maps)


Sociology of Music and On Stage Arts (A000613) 

Research interests

    • Theoretical approach to embodied music cognition and interaction from the perspective of music, health and well-being.
    • User aspects such as the usability of music tools, user experiences and user-centered approaches
    • Social-economic issues related to stakeholders in the cultural and creative sector.
    • Psycho-aesthetics of music and the question of how music generates meaning.