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The Center for Nano- and Biophotonics (NB-Photonics) of Ghent University is a multidisciplinary partnership involving 18 professors from the Faculties of Engineering and Architecture, Bioscience Engineering, Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Center focuses on frontier research at the crossroads of photonic integrated circuits and lab-on-chip approaches, nanomaterials development and electro-optical particle manipulation as well as their application to monitor, characterize and image biological systems. Read more...

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          2015: the international Year of Light

          year of light

          Movie: "Photonics enabling the nano- and bioscience world"

          A movie made by a team of young researchers in NB-Photonics

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              If you would like to stay informed about NB-Photonics activities or if you are interested to participate in the monthly multidisciplinary seminars, please send an email to Richard.Penny@UGent.be.

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              Multidisciplinary Research Partnerships (MRP) at UGent

              NB-Photonics is one of Ghent University's Multidisciplinary Research Partnerships, part of the university's strategic spearhead research policy plan. To find more information about this top research strategy, please click here.