Ir. Thijs Spuesens wins poster award at IEEE photonics Benelux symposium in Delft


Thijs Spuesens has won the best poster award at the 15th annual symposium of the IEEE photonics Benelux chapter which was held in Delft on the 18th and 19th of November. The title of his poster was “Analysis of loss contributions in InP-based microdisk lasers heterogeneously integrated with SOI.” 

He presented his results on the simulation of both metal losses and coupling losses in ultra compact microdisk lasers. These devices are very promising candidates for integrated light sources for telecom and datacom applications and have the potential of low power consumption and high efficiency. This is a key objective in driver 2 of NB Photonics. Thijs used a 2D axi-symmetric finite element method (FEM) to study the optical losses induced by contact metals on microdisk structures.  The light generated in the microdisk is coupled to a waveguide which lies underneath the microdisk. In order to optimize the coupling efficiency a 3D Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) simulation was used to find the optimum positions of the waveguide with respect to the disk as well as the tolerance to possible misalignment caused during processing.

The research was executed under supervision of prof. Dries Van Thourhout.