Lezing 'Maternal exposures and offspring asthma'

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medewerkers, alumni, bedrijven
20-01-2017 van 11:30 tot 12:45
UGent-VIB-onderzoeksgebouw, Technologiepark 927, 9052 Zwijnaarde
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Inflammation Research Center, VIB-UGent, WE14-WE10-GE01
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 Dr. Ian  Lewkowich from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Ohio, US will present his work on asthma.

Early life exposure to a variety of stimuli (i.e. diverse microbial communities, environmental pollutants, infectious exposures) have a profound influence on the development of allergic diseases, including asthma. This has lead to the belief that there is a critical developmental window in early life in which the development of immune responses can be strongly influenced. Evidence also suggests that maternal factors (i.e. those triggered in response to environmental pollutants, as a result of altered diet, or due to atopic status) also influence offspring asthma risk, suggesting that this developmental window extends into the prenatal period. Recent work from my laboratory has focused on developing animal models to explore the mechanisms through which a variety of maternal exposure influence the development and severity of asthma in offspring.

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