Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies

    This cross-disciplinary research centre brings together all medievalists, staff and students, from different departments and research groups at Ghent University.

    We organise the Medieval Seminar Series, at which a wide range of topics are presented to an interdisciplinary audience.

    We also provide international training in the disciplines and auxiliary sciences of Medieval Studies.

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      Pirenne Research Consortium for Medieval Studies

      In 2013, a smaller Research Consortium has been established within the institute.

      As one of five research consortia supported by the Ghent University Research Department, we focus especially on multi-disciplinary research projects that contribute to:

      • Exploring and re-evaluating the geographical and chronological boundaries of theĀ  medieval world through cross-cultural and multi-period research
      • Developing research tools and techniques for accessing, evaluating, and preserving medieval source material
      • Collaboration and knowledge exchange with local and international partners and stakeholders