Registration as an exchange student

Where? When?

Registrar's Office

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33
9000 Ghent

Registration hours

Every weekday from 1 pm - 16.45 pm
Exceptionally open from 10 - 12 am from Monday 6 February till Friday 17 February


  1. Take a ticket at the computer in the entrance hall.
  2. Await your turn.
  3. When called, your ticket will appear on the screen.
  4. Go to the desk assigned to your ticket number (first floor on the left).


At times it can be really busy and the waiting times can be long. We would like to advise you to come close to opening time.

It is possible that the ticket machine is closed sooner than closing time, or that a particular queue is closed sooner. If your queue is closed, please do not take a different ticket, but come back when the queues are open again.

We greatly appreciate your patience, cooperation and understanding!

What do I bring along?

  1. The 'Letter of Invitation', issued by the International Relations Office of Ghent University, in print.
  2. A certificate of registration for this academic year at your home university or your VALID student card for this academic year.
  3. Your passport or identity card
  4. A certificate of a valid health insurance:
    • A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC - blue card) or
    • An application for a health insurance in Belgium
  5. Your address in Ghent (if you already have one)

Please bring a paper version. Only documents in Dutch, French, German or English are accepted.

What will I receive?

  • At the end of your registration a picture will be taken for your student card and you will receive the card, which will be activated the day after your enrolment. This card is the proof that you officially are an 'Exchange Student' at Ghent University.
    You need this card when taking exams or when going to the library or to one of the university restaurants. You can also get reductions in the cinema, museum, historic buildings, ... Please make sure that you always carry it with you.
  • A letter with your e-mail account details (e-mail, login and password for Minerva, ...). Your account wil be activated the day after your registration.
  • A certificate of registration as an exchange student, needed for your registration at the Migration Office of the City of Ghent.

Before you go home...

  • Before going back to your home university, be sure to pick up your 'transcript of records' at your Faculty Student Administration (FSA). The transcript of records mentions the courses you have followed, the ECTS-credits and the ECTS-grades you have obtained.
  • If you need to prolong your student card, please follow the 'Prolongation Procedure'