Master 'New media and society'

Digitalization challenges all media branches as well as various stakeholders across different market segments. The Master ‘New media and society’ provides students with the insights and tools to be ready for new jobs in this innovative digitalized media environment. The Master is scientific as well as market-oriented.

The Master focusses on new media and information- and communication technologies and their omnipresence in today’s information society. We investigate the challenges they bring for users, industry and policy.

The master is built upon three main courses, reflecting this tripartition:

Media & ICT innovation-research - user-perspective:

Core of the methodological course is ‘user-centric innovation research’. Students are confronted with:

  • different stages in innovation development processes
  • a broad range of methods to collect user input
  • translating obtained user insight into actionable input for potential stakeholders (developers, management ...)

Market, media & ICT - industry perspective:

In this course students will gain insight in the basics of economic market logics, value chains and business models. They will apply this knowledge to a market relevant project challenge.

New media studies - policy perspective:

This course introduces students with social-scientific and (critical) theoretical frameworks and research traditions in the broad domain of the information society. Special attention is given to themes such as:

  • the rise and convergence of new media & ICT
  • participation in the information society
  • socioeconomic and socio-cultural impact of social media
  • new applications and trends in Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)

Lessons, theme weeks (e.g. social media week), internships and exercises are created in close collaboration with the Flemish media and ICT-industry. Overarching the courses, the students will be challenged by different media players.

Some challenges

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