Innovation Seminar for the Flemish Government co-organized by our living lab team.

21-02-2017 from 09:00 to 18:30
Boudewijngebouw, Brussels
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On the 21st of February the officials of the Flemish Government will be immersed in digital innovation entrepreneurship. imec.livinglabs and imec-mict-UGent have taken up the responsibility to determine the scope of this Innovation Seminar, as well as inviting the key note speakers and organizing the ideation sessions with the officials on digital innovation in VR, IoT, blockchain and AI. Our living lab team will assist during these ideation sessions and will encourage the participants to form teams around specific ideas. The Flemish officials get the opportunity to be inspired by contemporary game changers and meet enthusiastic innovators of the multiple entities of the Flemish Government. Innovation badges can be won by participating in multiple interactive workshops, creating a team and co-creating digital solutions. This way, they can win a golden ticket for the second GovLab Innovation Bootcamp (April 2017).