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15-09-2016 08:30 tot 16-09-2016 17:30
Faculty of Law
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Sebastiaan Vandenbogaerde
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Periodical studies – the study of periodical publications such as magazines, journals and newspapers – is a relatively young and vibrant multidisciplinary area of research. Since the 1960s-70s, scholars from various disciplines within the humanities and social sciences have studied the role of the periodical press in shaping society and culture from the early eighteenth century onwards. Meanwhile, periodical studies has also explicitly defined itself as a research field, on a theoretical level, through thorough reflection on the periodical as genre, object and medium, and by developing a common conceptual and methodological framework for studying periodicals.
In Flanders, periodical research is conducted in different faculties (UGent: Arts and Philosophy, Law, Political and Social Sciences) and departments (e.g. Literary Studies, History, Legal History, Media Studies). Ghent University has always taken the lead with Marysa Demoor (Victorian periodicals) in particular, Ada Deprez (Dutch-language literary periodicals), Els de Bens (Belgian newspapers) and more recently Marianne Van Remoortel’s ERC project on female periodical editors.
More and more periodical research is being done at PhD level, following successful project applications by professorial staff members or as part of an individual project supported by a periodical scholar.
Audience: PhD students whose projects are explicitly situated within the field of periodical studies and PhD students for whom periodicals are currently first and foremost a research instrument and source of information.
This two-days Doctoral School specialist course on periodical studies aims to remedy this situation by bringing together PhD students from various disciplines working on or with periodicals and to offer them in-depth training in periodical studies in collaboration with international experts in the field. By doing so, the course also hopes to foster cross-fertilization among researchers and to encourage PhD students to think outside the box of their own projects.

Registration: Please submit a short CV and an abstract of your PhD project (demonstrating your affinity with or interest in periodical studies) to the course coordinators ( and ) by Friday, 19 August 2016.