Causerie dr. Ana Fouto (Universidade de Lisboa)

01-09-2016 van 13:47 tot 13:47
Instituut voor rechtsgeschiedenis
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Instituut voor rechtsgeschiedenis
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Contemporary disputes surrounding the concept of “rights”, particularly those arising from the use of consolidated definitions, show a complex structure of thought projected in a legal discourse that has been historically used and transformed.  
In this lecture we intend to revisit the contributions of Second Scholastics to the consolidation of modern legal thought while analysing three fundamental and complementary elements: the relevance of theology to the innovation of a private law systematics, the impact of subjectivity on the universalization of rights and the effect of a theologically based anthropology on the development a new legal language.    
It is the role of legal history in contemporary legal thought that is also questioned – regarding the notion(s) of “rights”, is the quest for the genetics of “legal modernity” a quest for lost meanings?

Deze causerie gaat door op vrijdag 23 september 2016 om 14.30 in de Wielantzaal van het Instituut voor rechtsgeschiedenis van de Universiteit Gent, Universiteitstraat 4.

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