Test Infrastructure at Ghent University

Doping Control Laboratory with services in the field of doping control in human and equestrian sports as well as in nutritional supplement testing.

Pilot Steam Cracker
Laboratory of Chemical Technology

Internet Based Communication Networks (IBCN)
Experimental test environment for telecom products and services

Biocentrum Agrivet
Farm for production level services (farm crops & animals)

Proefhoeve HoGent
Experimental farm for crop protection and sustainable agriculture. (crops)

Monofilament extruder
Industrial speed (250 m/min) pilot set-up for extrusion of artificial grass fibers and other monofilaments

Sensory research and instrumental techniques to design and develop innovative food products

Flemish Supercomputer Center
A virtual centre making supercomputer infrastructure available for both the academic and industrial world

    Pilot Steam Cracker


    Biocentrum Agrivet