Job Offer: Coordinator Carbon Capture and Utilisation Platform

(04-10-2016) Ghent University is looking for a coordinator for its new industry platform regarding Carbon Capture and Utilisation.

UGent will launch a new industry platform connecting companies and academics sharing the ambition to bring Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) to society. The goal of this strategic partnership is to accelerate R&D of breakthrough CCU technology by leveraging the knowledge and skills of academic and industrial partners. In brief, CCU comprises the conversion of CO2 into chemical building blocks using chemical or biochemical technology. CCU hence has the potential to both counteract climate change and limit use of finite resources. Strategic multidisciplinary cooperation, which is here aimed for, is the only way to tackle this societal challenge.
The platform will bundle academic expertise of internationally recognized research groups in science, engineering and bio-engineering at UGent. Regarding industry involvement, the aim is to have a variety of important industrial players from different sectors involved (e.g. chemical, energy, metal).

This initiative is funded by the Industrial Research Fund.

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